Top 5 reasons you must try Sushi

The westerners are trying to enter the Japanese culture by eating Sushi. It is a very popular dish now among the westerners. These are the top reasons why you must try Sushi.

Contains omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are a very important ingredient for healthy living. But we don’t consume enough of it in our diet. You can think of Sushi as a supplement. So, your body will get omega 3 fatty acids if you eat Sushi.

Lean food choice

Sushi is a lean food choice. Instead of ordering food containing butter or other oils, Sushi is a better choice. It is a great choice for lunch or dinner. It contains lots of protein and nutrients.


Looks great

Trained chefs are required to prepare Sushi. It is an art as the presentation is the food is very beautiful. The perfect rolls and decorative garnishes make it a great food to look at and taste. The decoration of a good Sushi restaurant is also impressive.

It is fun

Eating Sushi is fun. You can either use chopsticks or your hand. You need to dip it in soy sauce and add wasabi. You can pick your favorite items and customize your meal.

Lots of varieties

You can order lots of varieties of Sushi. There are various types of rolls, fishes, vegetables, garnishes, etc. to choose from. You will never be tired of eating Sushi. You will always find something new to taste.

So, if you haven’t tried Sushi yet, there are many reasons to try it now. It’s a unique dish that looks great and tastes good, too! So, don’t miss it!

5 tips for healthy eating when you go out to dine in restaurants

When you go out for dinner, eating healthy can be hard. Even those who are on a strict diet, relax their routine a bit when they go out to eat. The following tips will help you to eat healthy even at a restaurant.

Look for healthy choices in the menu

Restaurants are trying to have healthy choices on their menu. They also know that people have become cautious about their health and always want healthy food. So, the restaurant menus often have special symbols placed on the side of the menu indicating that it’s a good healthy choice. In some restaurants, you will find a whole section that is dedicated to healthier eating. If a restaurant doesn’t have such options, you can ask the server to suggest you something healthy.


Order water

You should order water instead of soda, sweet tea, soft drinks or wine. It can be tempting to order beverages when you eat out, but you should choose water over sugary beverages. It will save you 150 calories. You can try unsweetened tea.

Get salad with separate dressing

Many restaurants trick on their salad menu. Salad is a healthy food, but they have lots of unhealthy dressings with it. Some salad meals have more calories than even a hamburger. So, when you order a salad, you should make sure that you are keeping the dressing on the side. This way, you will be able to control the amount of dressing on your salad.


Choose boiled, grilled and steamed food

Order boiled, grilled and steamed food. These are healthy options. Frying and sauteing will give higher calorie meals. So, avoid these.

Be careful about the portion of your food

You should choose the portion size carefully. Sometimes, restaurants offer portion sizes that are two or three times more than the portion recommended for good health. One thing you can do is ask for a to-go box and put half of your meal in it before you start eating. This way you won’t get tempted to eat the entire plate.

These tips will help you to eat healthy outside. So, eating in a restaurant won’t be a restriction for diet-conscious people.

5 most popular international cuisines today

As more people are migrating to developed countries like the U.S., people now have multicultural roots and then enjoy foods of different countries. The millennials, in particular, love eating foods of various regions. Here are the most popular international cuisines today.

Italian food


Italian cuisine has developed a lot over the years due to social and political changes. Italian food is noted for its abundance of various taste, and regional diversity. It is currently the most popular food in the world. Pizza and pasta are the famous Italian dishes.

Mexican food


It is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with the Spanish style. The basic staples in the Mexican food are corn, chili peppers, and beans. But the Europeans had introduced lots fo meat, dairy products, and herbs later on. Mexican food is gaining much popularity today. The most famous Mexican dishes are the tortilla-wrapped creations.

Chinese food


Chinese cuisines have various styles that originate from the diverse regions of China. There are Chinese restaurants in every part of the world and the demand for this food will never disappear.

Japanese food


The ingredients, preparation and eating techniques are unique for Japanese food. The traditional food of Japan is rice with miso soup. They give emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Fish is a common ingredient in Japanese food. They are often served raw as sashimi or sushi. Sushi is a very popular dish.

Indian food


People now have started liking the spicy taste of Indian food. That’s why you will see lots of Indian restaurants all over the world. Spices and herbs are common in Indian dishes. With so much diversity, you will find varying tastes and flavors in the Indian dishes.

Tasting foods from other nations can be exciting and fun. The foods just mentioned are delicious. You should try different kinds of food to enjoy.