At Wildwood, we bring you the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

The complexity of our dishes comes from the depth of flavor in the ingredients,
most found only miles from the restaurant. Dig into a spring onion, radish
and arugula salad with walnuts from the lush Willamette Valley. Savor morel
mushrooms from the coastal mountain ranges paired with roasted chicken
and asparagus. Taste grilled lamb chops with Pinot Noir-braised red onions,
and you’re right there in Oregon’s wine country. And for dessert, you can’t
beat the warm Bartlett pear brown betty with fruit grown in the shadow of
Mt. Hood.

Because we want you to taste the peak of the season, Wildwood’s menu
changes weekly. Dustin and our team work with farmers to offer you what’s
fresh now.
You’ll always find your favorites – skillet roasted mussels with
sun-dried tomatoes and garlic in saffron vinaigrette, the mixed greens sald,
crispy fried oysters and pancetta, and our classic Wildwood burger.


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